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Think of this library as your source for further research into the varied continuities that have spawned the many timelines linked from my own site, if you wish to know more about those worlds and those histories.

In many ways, this library is a mirror of my original library, tailored to fit a Canadian audience. It is also divided by medium, much the same way as the site that spawned it, with subdivisions here for a few series with a great deal of source material. As such, you can peruse the categories being offered:



You can, of course, jump straight to the Television Timelines.

Star Trek



Other Television


You can, of course, jump straight to the Movie Timelines.

Star Wars

There is a plethora of books out there related to Star Wars, of course, dealing with almost every conceivable aspect of the movie series and its various spinoffs. Here, I've tried to include those that are the best guides to the history and internal workings of the Star Wars universe.

Other Movies


You can, of course, jump straight to the Book Timelines.

The Lord of the Rings

J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth has been expounded upon in so many ways, it is no surprise that any number of works relating to the inner workings of that realm have been written by Tolkien and his successors. Despite the relative lack of fictional timelines online, there is certainly no shortage of written material on the subject.

Other Books


You can, of course, jump straight to the Game Timelines.

Please note: Unless stated otherwise, all CD-ROM's, PC games, and video games can only be shipped by within Canada. To make up for the current limitations in selection at, however, some of the links below are from, and can only be shipped within the United States. These are indicated as such.


You can, of course, jump straight to the Comics Timelines.

DC Comics

Marvel Comics

Other Comics

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