Star Wars Timeline
Version 6.5 Beta

by Bradley Taylor-Pirogov and Edgar Governo

  104008 BSW4- Sith Magic is created.

  c30000 BSW4- Xim the Despot rules a large portion of the galaxy.
             - Xim is equipped with a war droid army.

   24008 BSW4- Hyperspace travel is discovered.
             - The Old Republic is formed.
             - Jedi Knights appear.

    9990 BSW4- The lightsaber that will eventually belong to Vima-Da-Boda is

    5010 BSW4- A rocky planetoid in high orbit above the Academy is made its
               "mascot moon," with the Academy Seal placed upon it.
    5008 BSW4- The Golden Age of the Sith
             - The Fall of the Sith Empire

    4416 BSW4- Chamma's first mission as a Jedi Knight.
    4408 BSW4- Freedon Nadd kills Jedi Master Matta Tremayne.

    4093 BSW4- The sixty-three worlds of the Hapes cluster are founded by a
               group of male pirates called the Lorell Raiders.
    4053 BSW4- Civil war breaks out on Onderon.  It lasts 35 years.
    4038 BSW4- Andur Sunrider is born in the Darada system.
    4033 BSW4- Jedi Master Thon defeats Sith Spirits.
    4026 BSW4- Jev Sunrider, Andur's grandfather, dies.
    4025 BSW4- The ghost of Jev Sunrider contacts his grandson Andur.
    4023 BSW4- Oss Willum becomes apprentice to Master Thon.
    4021 BSW4- Qrrl Toq becomes apprentice to Jedi Master Vodo-Siosk Baas.
    4019 BSW4- Andur Sunrider becomes apprentice to Jedi Master Chamma.
    4018 BSW4- Dace Diath trains at the Jedi Training Centre on Ossus.
             - "Ulic Qel-Droma and the Beast Wars of Onderon"
                  [Onderon's Civil War ends]
    4017 BSW4- Vima Sunrider, child of Nomi and Andur, is born.
             - "The Saga of Nomi Sunrider"
             - Andur Sunrider is killed by minions of Bogga the Hutt.
    4016 BSW4- The Freedon Nadd Uprising
             - Jedi Kith Kark is killed.
    4010 BSW4- Dark Lords of the Sith
    4008 BSW4- The Sith War

    3998 BSW4- Redemption
    3992 BSW4- The women of Hapes come to hold dominance over the men.  A
               matriarchy is established, the queens ruling not only Hapes,
               but the entire cluster.

    1032 BSW4- The Sith are wiped out, or so the Jedi think.
    1018 BSW4- Feeling that their society and their genetics have reached
               perfection, the Khomm people freeze evolution to prevent
               undesirable changes, cloning their people rather than risking
               genetic abnormalities.
    1010 BSW4- Dannik Jerriko is born on Anzat.

   999.5 BSW4- A witch named Sycorax, living in Necropolis, claims to have the
               power to bring back the dead.  The people accuse her of being a
               fake and kill the witch's son, telling her to bring him back to
               life.  Instead of bringing her son back, Sycorax dies of a
               broken heart.  Just before she dies, she curses the entire
               planet, saying that if anyone on Necropolis ever ignores the
               dead, they will rise up to take revenge.  She and her son are
               buried together, and afterwards, the Necropolitans are very
               careful to keep the dead happy, developing many rituals,
               legends, and customs.

     896 BSW4- Yoda is born.

     797 BSW4- Yoda begins training Jedi.

     609 BSW4- Dewlannamapia is born on Kashyyyk.
     600 BSW4- Jabba Desilijic Tiure is born on the private estates of his
               family on Nal Hutta.
             - Bodo Baas, a Jedi of the Adega system, inherits a Jedi Holocron
               and records his stories and those of the other Jedi.

     509 BSW4- Yaddle is born.

     490 BSW4- A feud erupts between the Botor and their neighbours, the
               Dawferim.  It is a small conflict.

     318 BSW4- Berethron e Solo introduces democracy on Corellia.  For a time,
               he is the ruler of that planet.

     200 BSW4- Chewbacca is born on Kashyyyk.

     150 BSW4- Struck by wanderlust, Chewbacca leaves Kashyyyk and begins
               exploring the galaxy.
     130 BSW4- Jorus C'baoth is born on Bortras, in the Reithcas Sector.
     113 BSW4- Jorus C'baoth begins his studies at Mirnic University.
     109 BSW4- Upon his graduation from Mirnic, Jorus C'baoth's interests
               and an innate ability in the Force lead him to begin training
               at the Jedi Training Center on Kamparas.
     107 BSW4- A Jedi Master takes Jorus C'baoth on as his private student.
     105 BSW4- Bollux (BLX-5) is activated.
             - Jorus C'baoth is bestowed the title of Jedi Knight.

      93 BSW4- Jorus C'baoth officially assumes the title of Jedi Master.
      76 BSW4- Qui-Gonn Jinn is born.
      68 BSW4- Korol Solo fathers a son named Dalla Solo.  As a young man,
               Dalla will take the alias "Dalla Suul" in an effort to disguise
               his identity, making quite a name for himself as a murderer,
               kidnapper, and pirate.  "Dalla the Black" becomes a name to
               make children quake in their beds.
      61 BSW4- During one of the Old Republic's colonisation pushes, the
               followers of H'kig purchase two colony ships and go in search
               of a suitable Rim World to settle on.  They find Rishi,
               establishing a theocratic government based on their religious
      60 BSW4- Obi-Wan Kenobi is born.
             - This is a perilous time, with roving bands of raiders and
               pirates threatening many outlying worlds.  The raiders never
               reach Corellia, but they do reach the fifth inhabited planet in
               the Corellian system, a colony world called Tralus where Denn
               Solo and Tira Gama Solo are living.  A fleet of these raiders
               land and devastate the entire colony.  Tira Gama Solo is
               pregnant, and the night their town is attacked, she has her
               twin babies, a boy and a girl.  Tira takes the girl and runs
               away from the raiders, managing to hide in a cave in the hills.
               Denn takes the boy, but the two get separated in the rush to
               escape.  There isn't even time to name the babies.  Denn and
               the baby boy (probably the future father of Han Solo) vanish.
             - When Tira makes it back to her family on Corellia, she names
               the baby girl Tiion, and her father has the memories of their
               droid servants erased, thinking it will be easier on her that
               way.  He wants her to get married again and start a new life,
               but she never does.
      55 BSW4- Owen Lars (Kenobi?) is born on Tatooine.
      54 BSW4- Bossk is born on Trandosha.
      51 BSW4- Pter Thanas is born.
      50 BSW4- Gilad Pellaeon, a young Corellian, lies about his age to get
               into the Imperial Academy.
      48 BSW4- The Rising Force
               Mon Mothma is born on Chandrila.
      46 BSW4- Amidala is born on Naboo.
             - Sena Leikvold Midanyl is born on Corellia.
             - Gilad Pellaeon graduates the Imperial Academy in the top third
               of his class.  Ensign Pellaeon's first command assignment is to
               take a squadron of transport vessels to the planet Garvyn.
               They are stopped by pirates, but Pellaeon manages to trick and
               destroy the pirate vessel.  For his quick thinking, he is
               promoted to the command crew of the Star Destroyer Chimaera.
      44 BSW4- Brandei is born on Mantooine.
      43 BSW4- Afyon is born on Alderaan.
             - Irenez is born on Corellia.
      41 BSW4- Anakin Skywalker is born to Shmi Skywalker on Tatooine.  She
               carries him and gives birth to him, but he has no father.
      39 BSW4- Mako Spince is born on Nar Shaddaa.
      38 BSW4- Anakin and Shmi Skywalker are sold to Gardulla the Hutt, but
               she loses them to Watto in a bet on the pod races.
             - Tiion Solo marries Randil Sal.
             - The Ewok Chirpa becomes chief of Bright Tree Village on Endor.
      36 BSW4- Ahsoka Tano is born on Shili.
	     - Thrackan Sal-Solo is born to Randil Sal and Tiion Sal-Solo on
             - Drayson is born on Chandrila.
             - Zothip is born on Bestine.
      35 BSW4- Lobot is born on Bespin.
             - Randil Sal dies, leaving his wife and son behind.  His widow
               shuts herself up in their mansion afterwards.
             - Two warships battle above the planet Honoghr.  One of the
               warships crashes into the planet, triggering massive
               earthquakes and releasing toxic chemicals into the air.  When
               the disaster is over, all of the surviving Noghri clans put
               aside their differences and migrate to the habitable truce
               ground in search of a way to live on the dying world.
      33 BSW4- Jorus C'baoth's influence and convincing argument allow the
               Senate to authorise and fund the Outbound Flight Project.
             - Six Jedi Masters, including Jorus C'baoth, participate in the
               Outbound Flight Project, an effort by the Old Republic to
               extend its authority and search for life beyond the known
               galaxy.  The Project launches from Yaga Minor, but once their
               ship exits Old Republic space, it is intercepted and destroyed
               by a task force commanded by Thrawn, operating on orders from
             - Palpatine has Jorus C'baoth cloned, and Joruus C'baoth is the
               result of that experiment.
      32 BSW4- Cloak of Deception
             - Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter
             - Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
             - Pavik Tharen is born on Corellia.
      31 BSW4- Lando Calrissian is born.
             - Talon Karrde is born.
             - Anselm is born on Baffop.
      30 BSW4- Dael Levare is born on Corellia.
             - Padra is born.  Eventually, he will become part of Garris
               Shrike's band of beggars and thieves.
             - "Darkness"
      29 BSW4- Han Solo is born on Corellia.
      28 BSW4- Bria Tharen is born on Corellia.
             - Par'tah is born on Moltok.
             - Covell is born on Corulag.
             - Jedi Quest
      27 BSW4- Garris Shrike "finds" young Han Solo, a street urchin on
               Corellia, wandering in an alley by the waterfront near Capital
               Spaceport.  Shrike brings him into his loosely allied
               trading "clan" on his ship, the Trader's Luck.
      26 BSW4- Sarin Virgilio is born on Masterra.
      24 BSW4- Biggs Darklighter is born on Tatooine.
             - Valarian is born.
             - Brasck is born on Baros.
             - Tav Breil'lya is born on Kothlis.
             - Han Solo spends a day begging on the streets of Rodia,
               imagining a better future for himself.
      22 BSW4- Anakin Skywalker falls in love with Queen Amidala.
               Anakin follows Obi-Wan Kenobi on an idealistic crusade.
               Obi-Wan thinks he can instruct Anakin in the Jedi arts as well
               as Yoda, but Anakin is seduced by the Dark Side of the Force.
               (Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones)
             - The Clone Wars begin.  Obi-Wan Kenobi serves as a general
               under Bail Organa and fights alongside Anakin Skywalker,
               already a great star pilot.
               Anakin has joined the fight against the wishes of Owen Lars,
               who thinks he should've stayed on Tatooine and not gotten
             - Page is born on Corulag.
             - Han Solo learns how to lie convincingly, and fabricate on a
               moment's notice.
	     - The Battle of Christophsis occurs.
               Ahsoka Tano becomes the padawan of Anakin Skywalker.
               (Star Wars: The Clone Wars)
   20-19 BSW4- A dark period of corruption and social injustice sweep through
               the Old Republic.
      20 BSW4- Dewlannamapia comes to live aboard Trader's Luck with her mate,
               Isshaddik, who had been outlawed from Kashyyyk for some crime
               that Dewlanna never refers to.  She'd followed her mate into
               exile, leaving behind her home and their grown cubs.  Dewlanna
               quickly becomes Han Solo's closest friend.
             - After robbing a luxurious house on Corellia, Han spends the
               night hiding in a tree from a security patrol, and he comes
               down with a severe case of Corellian tanamen fever.  Dewlanna
               secretly takes him to a medical droid which saves his life,
               paying the droid out of her own small store of credits.  Shrike
               is mad, but subsides because one of the pieces of jewelry Han
               stole turns out to be set with a genuine Krayt dragon pearl.
               When he discovers what it is worth, he is mollified, but he
               doesn't pay Dewlanna back for Han's medical bills.
             - Lobot is taken into slavery by a band of space pirates who
               killed his father.
             - Halka Four-Den is made supervisor of a Republic research team
               stationed on Dagobah as her first command assignment.  She
               keeps an account of the expedition, as she is required to do.
               After thirteen weeks, she sends out a broad-spectrum distress
               signal, but by the time a passing spice freighter responds to
               it, the entire team has disappeared.
      19 BSW4- Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth Vader.
               Palpatine becomes Emperor.  The Galactic Empire is born.
	       The Clone Wars end.
               Luke and Leia Skywalker are born and hidden by Obi-Wan Kenobi.
               (Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith)
             - Bail Organa abolishes weapons from his homeworld of Alderaan.
             - Davin Felth is born.
             - Creb is born on Bettok.
             - Isshaddik is killed during a smuggling run to Nar Hekka, one of
               the worlds in the Hutt sector.  Shrike announces to Dewlanna
               that she can remain aboard Trader's Luck as cook, since he's
               grown to like the foods she prepares.  Dewlanna could go back
               to Kashyyyk, but she chooses to stay aboard the Luck because
               she wants to protect Han Solo from Shrike.
      18 BSW4- Mara Jade is born.
             - Winter is born on Alderaan.
             - Dewlanna learns to play sabacc, and asks Shrike innocently
               about Han's family during a sabacc game in which he gets very
               drunk.  She discovers that Han's last name is "Solo" and tells
               Han that same night.  He thinks it sounds great.
             - The next time the Trader's Luck is in orbit around Corellia,
               Han steals time away from pickpocketing and burglary to do some
               research into his new surname at one of the public archives.
               A few weeks later, Han is attending a school so well-known that
               it merits a visit from the famous Senator Garm Bel Iblis.  Han
               raises his hand and asks him two precocious questions that are
               insightful and intelligent enough to make the Senator really
               notice him.  After class is over, Bel Iblis stops Han, shakes
               his hand, and asks him his name.  Han sees that nobody else is
               within earshot and proudly tells the Senator his real name.
             - In his research, Han checks the more recent Corellian news
               files and finds the name Tiion Sal-Solo, a wealthy but
               reclusive widow with one son.  He decides to take the chance of
               running away and contacting the Solo family.
             - Han makes his way to the Sal-Solo estate and stays there for
               six weeks.  He is mistreated by his cousin Thrackan the entire
               time, and eventually, Garris and Larrad Shrike are able to
               track him down.
             - Afterwards, Shrike holds back in his punishment only by the
               fact that he doesn't want to "damage" Han permanently because
               of his growing reputation as an expert speeder and swoop pilot.
               However, there are many things he can do that won't cause
               permanent damage, and he does most of them.
             - Lobot manages to escape slavery and go to Cloud City.
      17 BSW4- Callista and Geith are killed trying to destroy the Eye of
               Palpatine, but Callista is able to transfer her essence into
               the station's gunnery computer.
      16 BSW4- Wedge Antilles is born on Corellia.
      15 BSW4- The t'landa Til build Colony One, a spice mining operation on
      13 BSW4- Zeth Durron is born on the Deyer Colony of Anoat.
             - Tash Arranda is born on Alderaan.
             - Terkuss is born on Plesstil.
             - Han Solo becomes the junior speeder champion of all Corellia.
             - Bria Tharen spends a summer working on a dig, learning to
               preserve ancient treasures, as part of her plan to become a
               museum curator.
      12 BSW4- Zak Arranda is born on Alderaan.
             - Han Solo becomes the junior speeder champion of all Corellia
               for the second year in a row.
             - Han Solo is forced to compete in the gladiatorial All-Human
               Free-For-All competition on Jubilar after being caught cheating
               at cards.  Solo wins.  Boba Fett and Han Solo notice each other
               at the fight and are both impressed.
             - Feeling cocky after his win, Han lashes out at Captain Shrike
               for the first time and is instantly sorry.  The speed and
               strength of Garris's returning blow snaps his head back and
               splits both lips so thoroughly that Dewlanna has to feed him
               mush for a week until they heal.  Shrike doesn't bother with a
               strap, he just uses his fists, battering the boy's face and
               body until his brother Larrad and several others pull him off
               Han's unconscious form.
             - The t'landa Til found Colony Two for their pilgrims on Ylesia,
               one hundred fifty kilometers north of Colony One.
             - Bria Tharen spends a second summer learning to preserve ancient
               treasures by working on a dig.
      11 BSW4- Tomrus is born in Cloud City on Bespin.
             - Han Solo becomes the junior speeder champion of all Corellia
               for the third year running.
             - Han Solo wins the swoop racing championship of the entire
               Corellian system.
             - Garris Shrike gives Han Solo a "punishment session" for some
               reason.  Han isn't able to walk for two days.
             - During the Ylesian winter, the t'landa Til build the very small
               Colony Three for their pilgrims, seventy kilometers south of
               Colony One.
             - Bria Tharen finishes the last of her undergraduate schooling.
               She makes plans to study archaeology, with an emphasis on
               ancient art, at the university on Coruscant.  She is scared at
               the idea of going to the university, since she's never been on
               her own before.
             - Bria Tharen begins seeing Dael Levare, a young man whom her
               mother had pushed her at ever since they were in school
               together.  The two are on the verge of getting engaged when she
               catches him sneaking around with another girl.  She tells him
               it is over, and her mother is furious with her for breaking up
               with Dael, as he comes from one of the richest families on
               Corellia, and she has already begun to plan the wedding.  She
               orders Bria to apologise to Dael, and for the first time in her
               life, Bria tells her "no."
             - Bria hears about a revival being held by a Ylesian missionary.
               She is feeling down on herself and cut off from everyone, so
               she goes to the revival.  The Ylesian priest finishes his
               service with just a few seconds of Exultation, and it makes her
               feel good, like she belongs with those people, so she runs away
               and sells all her jewelry to buy passage on the next pilgrim
               ship to Ylesia.  She stops talking to her family after she
               travels there.
             - Palazidar, a Sacredot on Ylesia, falls asleep out of boredom
               while waiting for his turn to lead the services and prayers of
               the Ylesian pilgrims.  He falls right over, causing the
               pilgrims to be most upset.
   10.67 BSW4- Bria sees Mrrov, Muuurgh's Togorian mate, just after devotions
               one evening, as it is getting dark.  She only catches the one
               glimpse, but she is sure of the species, although she doesn't
               know who it is at the time.
      10 BSW4- Ghent is born on Baroli.
             - Chewbacca is captured by slavers.
             - Han takes the precaution of stashing a small hoard of credits
               and complete ID sets in two lockboxes on Corellia, in case he
               ever needs a quick change of identity.  He also pays well to
               make sure the job record of his alter ego, "Vykk Draygo," shows
               that he can command the highest wages.  It takes all of Han's
               savings, plus the proceeds from two dangerous heists that
               Garris Shrike doesn't know anything about, to finance those
10-9.583 BSW4- The Paradise Snare
                  [Han Solo escapes from the clutches of Garris Shrike and
                   makes a new life for himself]
    10-7 BSW4- Lando Calrissian and the Mindharp of Sharu
             - Lando Calrissian and the Flamewind of Oseon
             - Lando Calrissian and the Starcave of ThonBoka
       7 BSW4- Kyp Durron is born on the Deyer Colony of Anoat.
     7-5 BSW4- "The White Witch"
             - "Escape Into Terror"
             - "The Trigon...Unleashed"
             - "A Race to the Finish"
             - "The Lost Prince"
             - "The New King"
             - "The Pirates of Tarnooga"
             - "The Revenge of Kypo Ren"
             - "Coby and the Starhunters"
             - "The Great Heep"
             - "The Tail of the Roon Comet"
             - "The Roon Games"
             - "Across the Roon Sea"
             - "The Frozen Citadel"
             - Droids: The Kalarba Adventures
             - "Rebellion"
             - "Season of Revolt"
             - "The Protocol Offensive"
             - Han Solo wins the Millenium Falcon from Lando Calrissian in a
               high-stakes game of sabacc.
       5 BSW4- Muftak takes in the young Chandra-Fan Kabe and shelters her.
             - "The Gaar Suppoon Hit"
             - "The Hunger of Princess Nampi"
             - "The Dynasty Trap"
             - "Betrayal"
             - "This Crumb for Hire"
             - "The Cries of the Trees"
             - "The Haunted Village"
             - "Rampage of the Phlogs"
             - "To Save Deej"
             - "The Traveling Jindas"
             - "The Tree of Light"
             - "The Curse of the Jindas"
             - "The Land of the Gupins"
             - "Sunstar vs. Shadowstone"
             - "Wicket's Wagon"
             - "The Three Lessons"
             - "Blue Harvest"
             - "Asha"
             - "The Crystal Cloak"
             - "The Wish Plant"
             - "Home is Where the Shrieks Are"
             - "Princess Latara"
             - "The Raich"
             - "The Totem Master"
             - "A Gift for Shodu"
             - "Night of the Stranger"
             - "Gone With the Mimphs"
             - "The First Apprentice"
             - "Hard Sell"
             - "A Warrior and a Lurdo"
             - "The Season Sceptor"
             - "Prow Beaten"
             - "Baga's Rival"
             - "Horville's Hut of Horrors"
             - "The Tragic Flute"
             - "Just My Luck"
             - "Bringing Up Norky"
             - "Battle for the Sunstar"
             - "Party Ewok"
             - "Malani the Warrior"
     5-2 BSW4- The Hutt Gambit
             - Rebel Dawn
             - Han Solo at Star's End
             - Han Solo's Revenge
             - Han Solo and the Lost Legacy
       4 BSW4- Ederlathh Pallopides is born.
             - Smada the Hutt offers Hoole a job as his assassin.  When he
               refuses to accept, Smada swears he will have his revenge.
       3 BSW4- Having completed his "sentence," Lobot is freed from his
               service, but chooses to remain connected to Cloud City's
             - The Ewok Adventure: Caravan of Courage
             - Ewoks: The Battle For Endor
       2 BSW4- Irek Ismaren is born on Alderaan.
             - At a Senatorial banquet on Alderaan, Princess Leia Organa sees
               Roganda Ismaren, rumoured to be one of the Emperor's
      0+ BSW4- Rebel Alliance/Galactic Empire Civil War.
             - Dark Forces: Soldier for the Empire
             - Dark Forces
                  [Project "Dark Trooper," under the direction of Imperial
                   Admiral Mohc, is foiled by Rebel agents]
             - X-Wing
  0.0385 BSW4- Tash and Zak Arranda prepare to leave Alderaan for a two-week
               field trip.  It is their first time away from home, and they
               are both nervous.  Zak tells his parents how scared he is, and
               his mother reassures him, telling him to keep her in his heart.
             - Rebel spies steal the plans for the Empire's new Death Star
               battle station.

          SW4- Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

      0+ ASW4- Vader's Quest
             - The Emperor decrees from his throne on Coruscant that another
               Death Star should be built.
             - Tash and Zak Arranda are put in the care of their only living
               relative, a Shi'ido uncle named Hoole.  Although Tash and Zak
               live with Hoole, he does not tell them anything about himself,
               not even his first name.
             - Rebel Assault
             - Splinter of the Mind's Eye
             - Classic Star Wars: The Early Adventures
             - River of Chaos
             - A scientist creates the living planet D'vouran as the first
               step in Project Starscream.
             - He also hires Dr. Evazan to perform a series of experiments on
               bringing the dead back to life.  Dr. Evazan uses the great
               supply of corpses in the cemetary on Necropolis for his
               experiments in animating corpses.
             - Dr. Evazan offers Pylum the chance to make a fortune by helping
               him, and he takes it, using the local superstitions as a cover
               for Evazan's work.
     0.5 ASW4- Eaten Alive
                  [Tash Arranda, her brother Zak, and their uncle Hoole
                   investigate a series of disappearances on D'vouran]
             - City of the Dead
                  [Tash, Zak, and Hoole encounter undead creatures while
                   looking for a new starship on Necropolis]
                  [Boba Fett kills Dr. Evazan on Necropolis]
             - Planet Plague
                  [Tash, Zak, and Hoole uncover Imperial experiments in
                   biological weapons on the planet Gobindi]
             - The Nightmare Machine
             - Ghost of the Jedi
             - Army of Terror
             - The Brain Spiders
             - The Swarm
             - Spore
             - The Doomsday Ship
             - Clones
             - The Hunger
       1 ASW4- Stormtroopers crash into the Durron home.  Zeth is sent to the
               Imperial Academy on Caridia, while Kyp and his parents are
               taken to the spice mines of Kessel.
     1-3 ASW4- The Imperial Super Star Destroyer Executor begins construction.
               Verpine technicians, under the direction of then-Commander
               Ackbar, develop the B-Wing fighter.
             - Sienar Fleet Systems and military engineers develop the TIE
               Interceptor, TIE Advanced (or "TIE Avenger"), and TIE Defender.
             - In Deadly Pursuit
             - The Rebel Storm
             - Escape to Hoth
                  [After the Rebels are forced from Yavin IV, they briefly
                   relocate to Thila before establishing Echo Base on Hoth]
       2 ASW4- Major Kem Monnon, chief of the Rebel Alliance Corps of
               Engineers, writes a description of the process taken in
               building Echo Base on Hoth.
       3 ASW4- Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
             - After the Battle of Hoth, the icy plains of that planet are
               covered with scavengers collecting weapons and gear for resale
               or for personal use.
             - Rebel Assault II: The Hidden Empire
             - TIE Fighter
      3+ ASW4- The Mandalorian Armor
             - Shadow Stalker
                  [Darth Vader sends Wrenga Jixton to assassinate Imperial
                   Governor Torlock on Corulag]
     3.5 ASW4- Shadows of the Empire
                  [Galactic criminal leader Prince Xizor plots the
                   assassination of Luke Skywalker]
                  [Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker, and Lando Calrissian track
                   Boba Fett to the Imperial enclave moon of Gall in the hopes
                   of saving Han Solo]
                  [Boba Fett delivers Han Solo to Jabba the Hutt]
                  [Bothan spies capture the plans to the Second Death Star]
       4 ASW4- Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
             - The Truce at Bakura
                  [Luke Skywalker leads a small Rebel force to Bakura]
                  [Rebels establish Alliance of Free Planets interim
             - The Jabba Tape
             - Mara Jade: By the Emperor's Hand
             - Lowbacca is born on Kashyyyk.
             - Classic Star Wars: The Vandelhelm Mission
   4.083 ASW4- The New Republic is formed.
      4+ ASW4- "The Rebel Opposition"
             - "The Phantom Affair"
             - "Battleground: Tatooine"
             - "The Warrior Princess"
             - "Requiem for a Rogue"
             - "In the Empire's Service"
             - "The Making of Baron Fel"
             - "Family Ties"
             - "Masquerade"
             - "Mandatory Retirement"
             - The Slave Ship
             - Hard Merchandise
     4.5 ASW4- Shadows of the Empire: Evolution
       5 ASW4- Shug Ninx "acquires" his chute as surplus from the second Death
               Star.  Moving it from Bonadan requires him to call in a lot of
               his old debts, but once it is installed, even the most
               incredulous have to admit it is a stroke of genius.  He even
               turns a profit by renting out the space in front of the opening
               as a hologram billboard for a local fizzyglug brand.
             - The Adjudicator and the Accuser, two Imperial-class Star
               Destroyers captured at the Battle of Endor by the Rebels, are
               renamed the Liberator and the Emancipator and are holed up in
               the secret Hast Shipyards, a repair centre where damaged
               starships are rebuilt and refitted for combat duty.  Imperial
               spies uncover the location of the shipyards and attack,
               devastating the shipyards, nearly destroying the Star
               Destroyers, and damaging a large portion of the Rebel fleet.
               Casualities number in the thousands.  This single assault by
               the Empire helps throw the Republic's plans several years
               behind schedule.
             - Irek Ismaren begins training in the ways of the Dark Side,
               taught by an Imperial named Nasdra Magrody.
             - The Glove of Darth Vader
             - The Lost City of the Jedi
             - Zorba the Hutt's Revenge
             - Mission From Mount Yoda
             - Queen of the Empire
             - Prophets of the Dark Side
             - "Twin Engines of Destruction"
                  [Boba Fett kills Jodo Kast]
             - Dark Forces: Rebel Agent
       6 ASW4- Dark Forces: Jedi Knight
     6.5 ASW4- X-Wing: Rogue Squadron
             - X-Wing: Wedge's Gamble
       7 ASW4- Imperial Admiral Betl Oxtroe begins making secret overtures to
               members of the New Republic to negotiate the creation of a
               parliamentary monarchy.  She proposes Ederlathh Pallopides, a
               remote grandniece of Palpatine, as heir.  The Republic's
               Provisional Council would replace the Imperial Advisors in
               exchange for amnesty for the military.  The first round of
               talks have just begun when the Admiral falls to an assassin's
               blade, presumably wielded by Noghri, and the plan is forgotten.
             - X-Wing: The Krytos Trap
             - X-Wing: The Bacta War
             - X-Wing: Wraith Squadron
             - X-Wing: Iron Fist
             - X-Wing: Solo Command
       8 ASW4- The Courtship of Princess Leia
       9 ASW4- Heir to the Empire
             - Dark Force Rising
             - The Last Command
                  [Grand Admiral Thrawn reduces the New Republic to less than
                   half the galaxy]
                  [Luke Skywalker confronts the mad Jedi Jorus C'Baoth]
                  [Smuggler Talon Karrde allies himself with the New Republic]
             - Jacen and Jaina Solo are born on Coruscant.
             - X-Wing: Isard's Revenge
      10 ASW4- Irek Ismaren is qualified for an advanced degree in subelectron
               physics, or as a droid motivator technician.
             - Dark Empire
                  [Remnants of the Empire drive the New Republic from
                  [Coruscant is devastated by the Imperial Civil War]
                  [Palpatine returns in a cloned body]
                  [Luke Skywalker succumbs to the Dark Side and is redeemed]
             - Arhul Hextrophon delivers a guest lecture on Imperial
               superweapons at the Brionelle Memorial Military Academy on
             - Brigadier Colin Darkmere of Intelligence Operations Command
               delivers a Top Secret Intelligence memo on the Empire's
               military plans to the Provisional Council of the New Republic.
             - Lightsider
                  [Kam Solusar is turned from the Dark Side by Luke Skywalker]
             - Dark Empire II
             - Anakin Solo is born on Nespis VIII.
             - "The Bounty of Bar-Kooda"
             - "When the Fat Lady Swings"
             - "Murder Most Foul"
      11 ASW4- Empire's End
             - Crimson Empire
             - Crimson Empire II
             - Jedi Search
             - Dark Apprentice
             - Champions of the Force
                  [Admiral Daala attacks the New Republic using an
                   experimental weapon called the Sun Crusher]
                  [Princess Leia becomes New Republic Chief of State]
                  [Luke Skywalker establishes his Jedi Praxeum on Yavin IV]
             - I, Jedi
             - The Leviathan of Corbos
      12 ASW4- Children of the Jedi
                  [The ancient Imperial Eye of Palpatine is reactivated to
                   destroy Jedi]
             - Darksaber
                  [Admiral Daala's war fleet strikes against the New Republic]
             - Planet of Twilight
                  [Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Callista join forces
                   against a powerful Imperial force on Nam Chorios]
      13 ASW4- Jedi Academy: Leviathan
      14 ASW4- The Crystal Star
                  [Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin Solo are kidnapped on Munto Codru]
   16.67 ASW4- Before the Storm
             - Shield of Lies
             - Tyrant's Test
                  [Princess Leia confronts a powerful alien force]
                  [Luke Skywalker investigates his family history]
      17 ASW4- The New Rebellion
      18 ASW4- Ambush at Corellia
             - Assault at Selonia
             - Showdown at Centerpoint
                  [Han Solo and New Republic Intelligence work together to
                   stop a Corellian terrorist organization]
      19 ASW4- Specter of the Past
             - Vision of the Future
                  [The New Republic faces impending civil war]
      20 ASW4- Union
                  [Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade are married]
      21 ASW4- The Golden Globe
             - Lyric's World
             - Promises
             - Anakin's Quest
             - Vader's Fortress
             - Kenobi's Blade
      23 ASW4- Heirs of the Force
             - Shadow Academy
             - The Lost Ones
             - Lightsabers
             - Darkest Knight
             - Jedi Under Siege
      24 ASW4- Shards of Alderaan
             - Diversity Alliance
             - Delusions of Grandeur
             - Jedi Bounty
             - The Emperor's Plague
             - Return to Ord Mantell
             - Trouble on Cloud City
             - Crisis on Crystal Reef
      25 ASW4- Vector Prime
                  [The Yuuzhan Vong begin their invasion of the galaxy]
             - Dark Tide: Onslaught
             - Dark Tide: Ruin
             - Agents of Chaos: Hero's Trial
             - Agents of Chaos: Jedi Eclipse

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